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S U N D A Y   L U N C H 



All Roast Dinners are served with, roasted potatoes, 

Yorkshire pudding, broccoli, peas and carrots


Top Side of Beef

Norfolk Turkey 

Leg of Lamb


Glamorgan Sausages (V) 

Vegan Nut Roast (V)


A D U L T S 


1 Course  £9.95 

2 Courses £14.25 

3 Courses £18.25 


C H I L D R E N 


1 Course £7.25

2 Courses £10.55

3 Courses £14.25


B A B Y    R O A S T  





S H A R I N G  


Cheesy Leeks £2.75 

Cauliflower Cheese £2.75 

Peas, Leeks & Bacon £2.60 


E X T R A S 


Stuffing    85p

Pigs In Blanket £1.95 

Yorkshire Pudding 85p

        Roast Potatoes £1.45         

Mixture of Meats £1.50